Our Products



ExamStudio is an enterprise level Software as a Service (SaaS) testing platform. The ExamStudio platform allows you to manage item authoring, publishing, candidate registration, results processing, delivery of internet based exams (proctored or unproctored), and reporting. 

  • Item authoring and item banking
  • Develop and publish tests
  • Perform test delivery 
  • Perform statistical analysis

Advanced Item Types


Red Panda X

Red Panda X is a cross-platform HTML5 advanced item type and simulation system integrated with ExamStudio. It permits the development and delivery of advanced items in ExamStudio and is supported across all HTML5 browsers. 

Examples of usage:
  • Hotspot items 
  • Drag and Place items 
  • Interactive cases 
  • Tools- rulers, calipers and calculators 


Glass3D permits a very interactive simulation. These simulations range from simple to very advanced real-time interactions. In development for 15 years, this is a very powerful simulation platform written in C++. Glass3D only works on the Microsoft Windows platform. 

Examples of usage: 
  • 3D interactive content 
  • Ultrasound simulation 
  • Moisture content density testing procedures